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In addition to creating home and welcoming spaces, my love of home has brought me to the real estate field.  As a real estate agent, I love helping others find their home.  I would love to connect with you if you are in need of finding a new or different home. Please check out my real estate site by clicking here: or on the image below. And feel free to fill out the contact form below so we can connect about your home needs.

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My Story

I love "home".  And I love helping people find the right home!  I believe that being in the right home can improve our lives in so many ways. Home is where we live and work and plan. Home is where we raise our children and entertain our guests. Home can change our lives. Whether you are buying a new home or moving out of your existing home, I want to help you find the best place for you.

In my first career as a food scientist, I learned analytical skills, product development, and project management.  In my next career of being a small business owner, I learned customer service, business and marketing skills. In my subsequent and concurrent career of being a home school mom/teacher, I learned (everything I didn't learn in school as well as) coaching and mentoring skills and classroom management.

Throughout my previous careers, I have loved home.  In the process of finding our own home, my husband and I worked together to redevelop an old home site into a small subdivision called Tamarack Woods. We designed our home and acted as the general contractors in order to build this new house for our family. In the process, I learned about home design, home construction, and working with subcontractors. I was also able to put my various skill sets to use. Building a house was a great test of my project management skills.

​As a real estate agent, I am able to use all of my prior experience and skills to assist you with your home search or sale. I love to persevere to find just the right home and negotiate skillfully to get you into it. I love seeing the potential in a home and can suggest ideas to improve the marketability of your home.  I am eager to work for you to get you "home".



I would love to see if I can help you with your real estate needs. Fill our the form below or call 763-220-2183.

Let's connect.

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