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Christmas Tea

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Tea is a beautiful way to connect with others. I think even more so at Christmas.

Beautiful and Elegant

The food isn't as important as the company.

Christmas Tea Menu

Choice of Teas

  • Orange spice

  • Chai

  • Black tea with spice and almond

Soup Course

  • Creamy tomato basil soup

Sandwich Course

  • Egg salad

  • Olive cream cheese

  • Goat cheese with cinnamon and cranberry

  • Cucumber

Scone Course

Sweets Course

Tea is such a lovely occasion. The beauty of the Christmas season and the sweetness of the preparations makes it a memorable time for all. There is a bit of fussing involved in hosting a tea, but it can be as much or as little as you like. Simple tea with scones is delightful. An elaborate tea with multiple courses is also wonderful. What really matters is the time you spend together.

I like the idea of sharing cookies for tea. I have also done a cookie exchange for my Christmas tea. The guests bring cookies for each other to bring home, but also bring enough cookies to share at the tea. For one thing, it saves the hostess from having to prepare all of the various sweets. And for another, everyone gets to participate and share.

I have also printed up conversation starter cards that pertain to Christmas and Christmas memories. Everyone picks one or more cards and we take turns sharing pleasant thoughts of the season.

This tea was done in the early evening and was more of a light dinner. The kids were at their homes and the moms could enjoy the evening out.

I hope you can plan your own Christmas tea to have the time to slow down and enjoy the season with the special ones in your life.

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