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Chocolate Hazelnut Turkeys

Adorable. Striking. Delicious. Easy.

A fun addition to your Thanksgiving table

Chocolate Hazelnut Turkeys

Ingredients (for each turkey)

  • 2 Striped Shortbread cookies

  • 3 Candy Corn candies

  • 1 Ferrerro Rocher hazelnut truffle

  • Milk chocolate frosting

Assembling turkeys:

  1. Place one striped shortbread cookie on cutting surface. Align cookie so the stripes are vertical. Cut off about 1/4 of the cookie with a serrated knife perpendicular to the stripes. Discard cut portion. Leave the other cookie whole (uncut). Set cookies aside.

  2. Place two candy corn candies on cutting surface. Cut off the yellow portion of both candies and discard. Set candies aside.

  3. Unwrap hazelnut truffle.

  4. Place the whole cookie on a surface with the stripes aligned vertical. Squeeze a generous amount of frosting onto the middle of the whole cookie. (The frosting will be used to "glue" the turkey together.) Secure the truffle onto the base cookie.

  5. Holding the cut cookie, squeeze out a generous bead of chocolate frosting on the cut edge and a generous drop in the middle of the cookie. Place the cut cookie vertically onto the base cookie so the stripes align with the base cookie, "gluing" the vertical cookie to the base cookie and to the truffle. The tail is now secured onto the body and the base.

  6. Using frosting, securely attach the whole (uncut) candy corn candy onto the top of the truffle body; this is the head.

  7. Attach two cut candy corn candies onto the cookie base with frosting, point side forward; these are the feet.

  8. Place two dots for eyes onto the candy corn head.

  9. Place each turkey on a small paper doily or other decorative grease-proof decorative paper.

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